Finish up question?

For those CFI savvy folks out there.

I started flying in 1996 and took my last logged fixed wing flight in 1999. Never did get finished. Logged every hour needed to finish but the military had different choices for me.

Albeit not recent, how much true time do I need to finish now? I know it’ll be a few to get comfy again and some for check ride prep of course. I was not completely removed from aviation though. I have 700+ hrs flying Crew Chief in Helicopters monitoring systems and radio calls.

Any of you ever done finish up on a student so distant from their last logged flight?


Can you define finish and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Your hours are yours and do not expire but obviously you’ll need to pass whatever checkrides you’re attempting to complete.


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Finish up my PPL. I’d like to finish it before heading to ATP, that’s all.


It will really depend on how proficient you are and how comfortable your CFI feels. I personally would not feel at all comfortable signing somebody off using a cross country flight or a night flight from 23 years ago as the basis for your qualifications. I would expect to fly for at least 15 hours with your new CFI, but your results may vary.



Also know to start at ATP with credit for your PPL you need at least 78hrs.


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That’s what I was figuring as far as minimum time to finish just wanted some insight.

Currently sitting at 73.3 hrs so 78 was not an issue. So that’s why I asked about how many to possibly finish up.

Thanks for the heads up. Now on to taking my exams and doing the finish up.