First Medical Exam Question

Hello, I am 5’10" tall and weigh 190 lbs. Will I fail the First Class Medical?


Based on your height and weight (which is the only info you provided), you’ll be fine (not sure why you think you wouldn’t be?). Now if you have any of the 1,937 other potential disqualifiers I couldn’t say?


Thank you, I have little bit weight issue.

Hey Adrian, ATP Admissions here!

Based on your height and weight you are within the requirements.

With ATP Flight School you must adherence to Height and Weight Limits — Students taller than 6’3" will be assessed during an Admissions Flight for comfort level inside the aircraft and the ability to fully manipulate the controls. Due to aircraft operational limitations, students weighing more than 250lbs may be denied training in ATP aircraft.


The only way to tell if you’ll “fail” obtaining a First Class Medical is by applying.

You can apply for a medical here: Disclaimer

You can find your nearest AME here: