Medical Requirements

Will a food allergy keep me from getting my medical certificate? Does the severity matter? Also, has being over 6’ 3" ever actually kept someone from flying with ATP? Because that is a legitimate concern for me.

ATP has a pretty strict policy, 6 ft 3in 250 lbs is the schools limit. I am 6ft 3in and 251lbs when I started school. They placed me on flight hold for 2 days till I was 250 or less. Just to be safe, I would verify with the school and ask if over 6ft 3in is ok.


Yes being over 6’3" has kept quite a few people from training with ATP.

As far as the allergy goes you need to consult an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) but yes the severity matters. Let’s say you’re flying along having a grand old time when the other pilot offers you a peanut. You accidentally inhale some peanut dust and go into anaphylactic shock. That would be a problem.



Make sure to reach out to the admissions department to discuss your height with them. As for the food allergy, it will be up to an aviation medical examiner. Make sure to schedule an appointment for one to get a first class medical.



I am/was (??? Idk) allergic to garlic. An allergist helped me figure that out a few years ago when I was still teaching. Thankfully, Claritin (Active ingredient is loratadine) is an approved antihistamine. Good to go.

Now, real food allergies that cause anaphylactic reactions? Different story. That will require further review from the FAA.



I am also wondering what other medical conditions may limit someone from being accepted into the program, or even limit someone from becoming a pilot in general. Is there information on that on the website that I may have missed? Or does anyone know from previous experience?

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This is what I Found


I would really recommend against making any decisions based off of what was found on a website, even the FAA’s. The only official way to find out is to make an appointment with a FAA Medical Examiner.


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Thank you both for your help and advice. I really appreciate it.