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Flex track program (Detroit) and ICAO

Hello, I never considered to get my license with ATP but I find out that ATP will be oppening in detroit soon so now I am interested because I live in detroit area. I want to try out Flex track program because I need to work atleast 3 days a week and I am national guard so I need to serve two days a month and two weeks a year + deployments if something will happen. I about to use my state and federal benefits to lower training costs. But my question is, how the flex track program look like? I now that I am required to log atleast 15h a month, so they will work on my availability schedule to schedule flight and ground school? Or it will be last minute call like a “hey we need you in 2 hours, can you make it?” Im about to work weekend schelude fri-sun so I will be available to train mon-thurs. Thats just an example schedule. Im not in rush to get my ratings because of covid it will take time to bring pilot jobs back.

My last question is, where I can get ICAO english training and certificate online? English is my second language but I don’t have any issue to communicate but when I listening radio conversations with pilots and tower its blows my mind. I have an U.S and polish citizenships.

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You should reference ATPs website on the subject (Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School) but the FlexTrac states:
Minimum Training Requirements
Students provide windows of availability at least 7 days in advance, and their assigned instructor will schedule training into that availability. ATP requires a minimum of 15 flight or FTD hours to be logged over a rolling 30-day period. If this is not met, a 2.0-hour+ proficiency flight must be conducted at published extra training rates.

Not really certain about English proficiency training or certification? In truth unless an examiner has questions regarding your English abilities it shouldn’t be an issue. You might want to contact the your local FAA FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) for more info.


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The Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program allows scheduling flexibility needed for those who cannot dedicate full time to flight training. As Adam mentioned, you will provide your availability a week in advance and your instructor will schedule you accordingly. The requirement that we have is that you are available for at least 15+ flight or FTD hours per month.

Should you decide that you would like to train full time, ATP will work with your national guard schedule.

Hope this helps!