Training Hours


Sorry if this question has been asked before but I didn’t find a thread which answers this question adequately. With that being said - what are the hours of training for FULL and FLEX programs? I understand that we are expected to be available 5-7 days per week. Is training in the morning, evening, both? I have a full-time job (6-8 hours per day), 5 days per week (MON-FRI). I have a family I support so quitting my job for training is absolutely not an option. I’m curious what options there are for training hours.

Welcome, Rey!

The fast track program is just as you say, 5-7 days a week. However, the daily training hours are not set. Students need to be flexible and available for a minimum of 8hrs a day. Each day will be slightly different as the Instructors manage 2-4 students at a time and each student will be at a different stage in the program.

For the Flex Track program, you will need to contact Admin. If my memory serves me well, it’s a minimum 15hr monthly commitment, but again, contact Admin to inquire. I don’t see the Flex Track program being advertised on their website at the moment.


Here is a link to the Flex Track program requirements: Flex Track Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

Thank you Tory/Chris for the info. Yes, I saw that information posted on the ATP website as well. I think the full-time program may not work with my full-time employment. I’ll contact Admin as Tory suggested and see how flexible the daily schedules are. I work remotely from home so this provides flexibility on my end but I do attend daily virtual meetings so I would have to schedule training around these meetings ahead of time.

The fast track program is absolutely out of the question while maintaining your job. That program is way too intense and requires complete commitment. The flex track is meant for those with part time employment/studies. Call admin and see if they can work with you… but keep in mind, full time might not be feasible. Most people take out a loan and add on life expenses on to the total cost of the loan to get them by for the 7 months of the program.