Flight Instructing

I’m just curious how the flight instructor job works with ATP. Such as if I go to Denver for my ATP flight school would I stay there and be an instructor or would they just send me to wherever they needed another flight instructor? Also if I choose to go to Denver for school would I be able to transfer to another ATP location if I so choose to be a flight instructor?

Hey Scott,

Job positioning is done according to company need, like anywhere else. With that said, you will be able to request to teach at the specific location of your choice and ATP will take that into consideration when you are being assigned a location at the end of the CFI standardization program after finishing your training. If your requested location is available at the time, then you will most likely be assigned to it.



As Yarden said you can request a location but there are no guarantees (just like at the airlines). Also like the airlines you can “bid” for a change in location and again like the airlines, based on your seniority you may be able to transfer.