The Beginning Stages

First, I wanted to mention that I am very grateful for all the topics covered and all the different responses!

I initially thought that I would be beginning flight school at the beginning of April. However, due to my AME being pushed back, I am now starting in May!

I have begun the initial modules and King’s ground school. Is there anything else I can do in the meantime to get ahead?
Additionally, any suggestions in general as I get started?

I greatly appreciate all of you!

Congrats on your start date and welcome to ATP!

While you probably wont have enough time to finish all of the written exams before you begin, I would at least try to take the PAR and possibly the IRA and FII. If you’re blazing through the exams then you might be able to squeeze in the CAX, but honestly even if you only took the PAR you would save yourself a lot of time for when you begin the program.


What Tory said…


Written exams is the best way to get ahead! Congrats on your upcoming start date!

Thank you so much all!