Flow through program

I’ve been interested in being a pilot and have been doing lots of research lately. The flow through program has caught my eye cause it would eliminate the need for a 4 year degree to get to a major airline. Although I have heard that it’s not always guaranteed. Has anyone been through this program or knows more about it ? How many pilots are actually successfully making it to AA with this program?

The flow throughs do not eliminate the four year degree requirement. It guarantees you will have an interview with the company. If you don’t have all the requirements they will put you behind all the other candidates that have their four year degree. I will be finishing mine up once I am working for the regionals. That is the plan anyway. I start training with ATP in July.


The AA program is still relatively new so I don’t think there have been any flows at this point. Further as you point out nothing is guaranteed and you’d be literally putting all your eggs (and entire aviation career) in one basket. Something just doesn’t go as planned and your options are severely limited.

While it could work out you also could be stuck a Regional for a very long time watching your peers pass you by.


As Adam said, your plan *could work but you’re really vulnerable to a limited career. If you haven’t started your flight training you have two options, if you’re young you can knock out your four year degree and then start an accelerated program like ATP. If you’re starting this journey later in life, you could begin your flight training and work on an online degree while you’re at the regionals. It will take you at least 4 years to get through the regionals so works out perfectly to pair getting your degree at the same time. It won’t be easy, but it’s doable.



The AA program is the only one that eliminates the need for a four year degree. All of the others that I am aware of still require the degree to be completed before one flows to the major. Now don’t get me wrong, AA is a great company to work for, but by not having a degree you will be limiting yourself solely to them. You might find along the way that you would really like to work for FedEx, United, etc. I strongly recommend getting the degree.


I just had an Envoy jumpseater who is in the Flow through program. His hire date was 8yrs ago and he was supposed to go to AA last year right when Covid hit and was delayed. He is now going to AA next month.

So 7-8yr flow through to AA.

4yr degree is pretty much required to be competitive… but can be in any field for any cost.

Chris F