Skywest January 2022 Reserve

2022 started out with a bang. In January, I got Covid. Luckily I was pay protected for five duty days. Once I came back to work, there were wide spread cancellations, staffing shortages and a few Chicago blizzards. In all, I credited 40.5 hours. Not much for the countless hours off sitting that isn’t paid time, but hey it comes with the job.

Here’s a look at how my schedule looks. On reserve I have “buckets”, a block of days with Reserve from 9a-9Pm. Once I get a trip assigned it overrides the bucket to show a pairing over top of those days. As you can see, I got called every bucket.

This is a breakdown of the destinations on those trips.


Hi Hannah,

I’m in the process of onboarding to Skywest. After reading up I have learned you are a current Skywest pilot and would love your input from when you were in the hiring process. Unfortunately recruitment has been incredibly behind. It has taken weeks at a time to get new information. I totally understand as Skywest is super busy and my class date is months out. I’m sure there are bigger fires to put out. Either way I instructed at 11 different flight schools in the last 8 years. My partner is a travel nurse so I’ve been at many due to this reason sometimes doubling up at each city. I’ve been trying to get an answer on what to provide for in regards to PRIA/PRD when the time comes. I do not want to be scrambling to get certain information. I have an excel sheet going with some information. Some schools are out of business. I figure school name, chief instructor, phone number, dates worked would be the pertinent information. They are all part 61 schools and I was an independent contractor. Any suggestions or advice on what to provide on these forms. I want to make it as easy and accessible to HR. Thank you so much for your time.

  • Terry

So just to make sure it understanding your correctly, you have been given a class date and going through the onboarding process online? When I went through it, I was given access right away to a version of Skywest online with an electronic checklist of forms. If I remember correctly, the PRIA form asked for the name of the school, address and a contact there but not much more. As for how many you need to fill out in relation to the multiple workplaces, that question would be best suited for your onboarding advisor. I would imagine though, it’s only needed for the locations still in business.