Fo I have to instruct with atp?

Do i live in Detroit and I havr a family anf a house. Im currently part 141 and will have my private in may. If i start then the 6 moth program would be doable but 2 years away from home is not. Do i have to instruct at Atp once i have my cfi?


I don’t know? Do you live in Detroit?

To answer your question, no you don’t need to instruct with ATP. You’ll be a licensed pilot and can do what you like with your certificates. What you do need to do is seriously work on your English skills. Many airlines will have you write an essay or fill out a report in order to demonstrate your English proficiency. If yours looked anything like the above you would not be hired.


Yeah my phone likes to change letters around. I was typing it quickly and did not proof read it. Thanks for the input.


Many pilots chose not to instruct at ATP. This is usually because they would like to work at a flight school closer to home, or because they found some other opportunity to build hours.