Getting a Degree after Flight Training

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to the chat boards here and have been reading a lot about if a Bachelor degree is actually necessary for employment by the major airlines. As expected, a degree is heavily weighted and while “not required” will definitely make a difference during the hiring process. I recently left my job of 18 years and am looking to complete the 7-month program here at ATP. After I complete, I plan to complete a college degree online while working to get the required hours to make it to the regional airlines. I will still be needing to continue working on my degree at that point. Which brings me to my question.

Is it possible to complete a degree while working as a pilot? I definitely think it will have its challenges. Has anyone done this and been successful?


It is very possible and many people do. Thing is it is totally dependent on YOU. It will require work and discipline in your part.

Long/short I know just as many pilots who completed their degrees after as those who swore they would but never did.



It is certainly possible to complete a degree wile working as a pilot, many before you have done it. I would add though that I would wait until I was at a regional to start. Flight instructing is just too time intensive to allow for proper studying for college. Your schedule at the regionals will be more relaxed.