I was just wondering what are most airline policies on growing out your hair, having a beard, etc.

Also is having tattoos okay or is there restrictions?

Thanks, Androu


Most airlines are beginning to be more excepting of “modern” professional appearances, if not already. My airline allows visible tattoos no larger than a company issued ID badge. One tattoo is allowed per arm, leg or foot. And no tattoos are allowed on face, neck or chest.

As for hair, my airline allows men to have hair above the shirt collar, not covering any part of the ears, and sideburns not lower than the middle of the ear. The only facial hair permitted is a neatly trimmed mustache.



It varies from airline to airline. We are allowed to have “neatly trimmed” beards but the hair is the same as at Tory’s. Can’t be below the collar, etc. Also no “unconventional” styles or colors are allowed and no visible tattoos. While some airlines are relaxing their policies, most are still pretty traditional.



My airline essentially requires us to follow military standards, which means short hair, no facial hair except a mustache and no visible tattoos. There is some talk that this might change, but I have not seen anything yet.


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My airline is similar… pretty strict standards on grooming and tattoos. No visible tattoos allowed. Short male haircuts and very limited facial hair. Airlines take professional appearance very seriously because passengers can and do often judge your abilities by how you look. It’s also a reflection of the company they chose to fly with. There has been a lot of conversation around becoming more inclusive in regards to some physical appearance guidelines but still yet to be determined if any major changes are implemented.

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So by “not visible” that typically means not covered by uniform, correct? So no hands, neck face since uniform is full suit and jacket you should be ok?

Pilots often wear short sleeves in the summer, so if you have arm tattoos, you will need to wear long sleeves, which usually means wearing the jacket as well.

Not visible means they cannot be visible whilst wearing the uniform.