HAL interview tips? (Adam)

I previously was an A&P mechanic for HAL until I finally decided to get serious with flying. I moved to the mainland back to my hometown for lower COL to afford flight school. I’m currently halfway through my commercial rating and was wondering if you had any tips on gaining an interview, and then nailing it. I miss the island life and want to make it back there soon. I was wondering if you had any pilot specific interview tips and insider knowledge on what seems to be a higher probability of being hired. I know nothing is set in stone in the industry, and things will change (possibly drastically) in the years it will take me to get there. I would like your current opinion on affairs and likelihood.

-a few of my more specific questions-

  • I know 'ohana has a guaranteed interview program, but realistically how many are hired from it?
  • Are they still doing hiring windows for pilots and fairs?
  • Would a regional line that puts me occasionally international (Canada/mexico) give me another step up on my resume?

I appreciate any help or tips that anyone can give on the subjects.


First off if you’re only half way through your CPL you really need to be focused on completing your training and building your time as an interview with Hawaiian is a few years away. The good news is you have ties to the island and are a former employee both of which they like very much. While there are some technical aspects to the interview it’s really to get to meet you and see who you are and if you’re a good fit for the HAL culture. That’s not something I can give you “tips” on. Be yourself and show a genuine interest in flying for the airline and you’ll get the nod. If they don’t believe you or think you don’t fit you won’t. It’s really that simple. As for your questions:

  1. Many of Ohana’s pilots have gotten hired recently. Why would you think they wouldn’t be?

  2. Yes you can only apply when the window is open (even if you attend a job fair). The window is currently closed and will only open again when there’s a need or the pool is empty. Again this is something you need to worry about years from now.

  3. Not really. Hawaiian hires pilots from virtually every Regional in the US. I’ve flown with pilots with lots of International experience and some with none. Again it’s more about will you fit than which Regional you came from.


awesome, I appreciate the insight. like I mentioned, I know I’m far ahead of schedule in my thinking, but it’s nice to get a word of encouragement that you are on the right track to your dream job.

and to follow up on 1) specifically in maintenance I’ve heard of a few instances where a major had barred hiring from one of their regional connectors (temporarily). the high rate of changeover would leave the connector regional sparse and struggling to rehire lost employees/experience that moved on to the better opportunity.

thanks again adam, I’m sure i’ll be back creeping through the forums finding answers I didn’t even know I needed yet. hope to see you in the cockpit one day.



While you’re correct, no Major will cannibalize their own Regional to the point it impacts the Regional, both Hawaiian and Ohana (Empire) are considerably smaller than most. We don’t hire hundreds of pilots at a time (it’s usually around 50 and those 50 don’t all start at once they’re staggered throughout the year) and therefore the impact is not a problem.