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Hannah - Biography

Hello, I’m writing this bio from my hotel room after my first few days at Indoc for my first Charter Jet job. It’s been a blur the last 23 months getting here but let’s back up to where this all started…

I was born in to an aviation family, my mom being a United Flight attendant and my dad, a United pilot (yes, they met on the job in storybook fashion). Growing up I was surrounded by pilots, my Uncle flying for Delta, my grandfather sharing his stories after a nearly 30 year career at United and the many airline families we hung out with regularly. I often traveled on trips with my Dad and I can still remember to this day the chills I got when I heard my Dad over the PA for the first time as he said, “This is your captain speaking.”

Although I loved being a part of the aviation family through my Dad, I unfortunately never realized that life could be my own…at least, not until much later.

I was recruited to the University of Miami (FL) on a rowing scholarship. I lived a busy life as a student athlete majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I transferred and later graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS in Mass Communications.

Chasing the sunny skies and sandy beaches, I took my first job as a News Producer at a small local tv station in San Luis Obispo, CA and a year later moved to San Diego for a position producing the morning newscasts for NBC San Diego. I loved the rush of live television but outside of the one-hour a day live broadcast, it wasn’t the life I’d imagined for myself. So, I went back to the drawing board. Soon I realized, the life of a pilot was what I was yearning for this whole time (and boy was my dad grinning ear to ear when I came to this conclusion). A third generation pilot in the making!

From this point, I knew what I wanted and I didn’t want to waste one more day to start this new journey. I quit my job, moved back to my hometown in Charlotte, NC and began at ATP in Concord, NC. 9 months later I graduated with all my certificates and begin instructing with ATP to build my hours. I enrolled in nearly every cadet program and ended up choosing Skywest. Unfortunately the COVID pandemic disrupted hiring at most regionals so it was time for a new game plan. I decided to pursue a Part 135 Charter Operation and accepted a job as a First Officer at FlyExclusive, on the Citation CJ fleet.

I know what the airline life is all about watching so many people I love live it, but the Part 135 Charter world remained a mystery…a path less traveled in my family. Now, I have the pleasure of exploring it, sharing it with you all and providing some insight in to a whole side of aviation that often gets overlooked.

So if you have any questions about going through the ATP program from a zero time student to a 1500 hour CFI, I’m here! If you have any questions about the Part 135 Charter side of aviation, I’m here! And any ladies out there thinking about pursuing this career and want a female perspective, I’m your girl!

Looking forward to answering any and all questions you have!