Congratulations Hannah!

Congratulations to our very own pilot mentor and ATP alumni, Hannah, on obtaining her ATP certificate and CJ3 type rating! Hannah will be flying the skies soon with a premiere corporate operator.

Awesome work Hannah and thank you for being part of our team!


Awesome news Hannah! :tada:

Congratulations on the accomplishment, excited to hear how it went down!


Very cool! Congratulations Hannah, that’s got to be pretty exciting! Those sims look fun :call_me_hand:t2:

Congrats Hannah!

First of many I’m sure!


Ha! If only you knew! Simulators are the equivalent of modern day torture devices and the bane of many a pilot’s existence…but you’ll see! Bwahahahaha! :wink:


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Does it feel real yet? :grin:

Thank you everyone! Flight safety was a tough and long 17 day process but they prepared us very well. The first week was solid ground work. 9-5 days starting with systems, then through to performance and planning and finishing up with some review and a written test. The weekend we transitioned to the ground trainers working on checklist usage and call outs. The second week was solid sim days. I had a 5am briefing time first then a 6a-10am sim slot. Two hours as PIC and then a quick swap for two hours as SIC. We have 7 sim sessions over the course of the week. My days consisted of a nap after the sim and then studying and chair flying in the afternoons. The training sessions we had were very tough. Just as you got one thing down, the level of difficulty escalated. The instructors goal is to continually load you up with tasks and malfunctions and see how you handle your priorities: flying the plane first, making smart decisions and communicating and delegating with your SIC. My checkride day was no different. An oral in the morning with my sim partner. First checkride as a crew was pretty neat and a lot less intimidating. Then a short sim brief and then we hopped in the sim. Compared to the training sessions we had, my checkride seemed very mild.
I’m home for Christmas now with my new cert and type in my wallet. I have a week break to rest up and then I’m headed out for IOE on the 29th! Not sure where I will end up this New Years Eve which is exciting! What a way to bring in the new year, hopefully a much better one for aviation! If you guys have any other questions feel free to send them my way!