Hawaii Wildfires

@Adam I’ve seen some crazy news going on about Hawaii with the wild fires and I was curious about how it has affected your flying. Has Hawaiian Airlines had to cancel a number of flights? Do you have any pictures? Are you still flying inter-island with all the fires?
Hope all is well!
Stay safe!


Thank you for asking. Whole me and the airline are fine, things are very bad in OGG. Lahaina was basically destroyed. Lose of lives, homes and businesses. Hawaiian actually increased flights into the early morning hours to help with evacuations, added extra segments today and dropped fares to $19.

Very tragic situation.



That is awesome of Hawaiian to drop prices - it has been looking pretty horrific from news coverage.
Tragic for sure - stay safe!


Glad you’re safe out there on the island, major kudos to all the airlines that were offering to help get lives to safety, extra flights and lowering the costs. Not only Hawaiian, but I think I saw Southwest (LUV) doing the same thing too.


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They are but I’m admittedly biased! :wink:

That said amidst the tragedy, the outpouring of people and businesses reaching out (incl SWA) is incredible.



Glad to hear you’ve been safe at @Adam!

I believe United scheduled a couple additional 777 flights out to the island as well to assist in evacuations. I can’t imagine the devastation felt by all those who live and work there. Such a beautiful place, hoping that support stays to help with the rebuilding.



Glad to see you’re safe! I came back looking for your posts to make sure CA Adam is still doing well.