Very Cool Story!

This story is in this month’s Alpa (Air Line Pilots Association) magazine featuring my friend and fellow Hawaiian Airlines pilot Bryan Shirota. Super nice guy and very pro pilot. The ONLY problem with Bryan is he’s just a couple of numbers senior to me :wink:



Very cool story. Someday it will happen and we will fly with one of the guys/gals from this message board.


Ok which one of you wants to deal with me for the next 19 yrs?!?! :joy::rofl::joy: That’s a great story. When I saw he picked up HA101 on the anniversary I was kinda hoping to see that Capt Cheng happened to be the Capt of the flight

That is a very cool story! Maybe we’ll have that opportunity with one of you mentors down the road!

Random question for @Adam. I lived in Maui for a couple years and was always curious what you guys cruise at for your 100 nm island hops? I’ve been on dozens of them for company meetings and job site visits. It was always fun :slight_smile:


That would’ve been cool but Jamie hasn’t flown Interisland in a while. All great guys to fly with.



Don’t know if you’re talking speed or alt? For the short hops (OGG and LIH) we’re at 14,000’ max, the long ones (KOA and ITO) we’ll get into the mid-20’s. For speed it depends on the weight and how we’re doing on-time wise but it’s anywhere from 280-320.


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I actually ran into a new A321 pilot who said he was on here a few years back. One more reason I won’t bid that plane. Frightening! :wink:



Love this. That’s why we’re on here. It goes both ways too. I just got off the phone this morning with a Delta pilot who was mentoring me about what I’d need to do to fly for them someday. If there are any graduates of ATP out there, I highly recommend joining the ATP Alumni Association fb group.


The aviation community sure is small. Looking forward to sharing the airways with you all soon! :grin:

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It is a very small community. I actually flew with a pilot who’s father had flown with my grandfather on his retirement flight from TWA.