Headset specifications

I currently have a David Clark H8530, with a single short and fat plug (helicopter style?). Would this headset fit on ATP planes, or would I need to buy an adapter? I’ve also heard that impedance of the earphone and mic matters. Mine has 60 ohm earphones wired for separate channels and 150 ohm mic, whereas the popular David Clark H10-13.4 has 150 ohm earphones wired in parallel and 50 ohm mic.

Would I be able to use this one I currently have when/if I start?


The H8530 is “Pro Audio” headset designed for broadcasters not aviation. At a minimum you’d definitely need an adapter as ALL GA aircraft have 2 plugs (1 mike and 1 earphones). As for the impedance I know DC also makes a low to high impedance adapter for military headsets but honestly I’m not certain that would work for your mike? I’d contact DC directly and ask.


Oh yea, that’s a good idea! I’ll get in contact with DC and ask which they recommend adapters they recommend.