Headsets with bluetooth

Hi everyone,

I currently have a David Clark 13.4 headset that fits well and is comfortable. I was thinking of buying a new headset with ANR due to how often I will be flying during the program. I was looking at the Bose A20 headset and trying to decide if paying for bluetooth is worth the extra cost since I don’t plan to use them for music or calls.

Are we allowed to pair our headsets with our iPads and use the audible warnings within Foreflight during training? If so, that would be worth the extra cost in my opinion.

Thank you in advance.

I mean I’m sure you could pair them with your iPad for the warnings, but those warnings are kind of unnecessary imo. If you have a headset already I’d wait to but the a20s until you are an instructor because then you could do a tax write off

I’ve seen varying opinions on this, but from my personal experience - if you have the option of getting Bluetooth, I think the benefits far outweigh the cost. I’ve frequently activated and closed flight plans, was able to contact KGTU tower (delta airspace) via telephone while airborn and a plane in the pattern had a stuck mic, and recently had a complete comms failure while on the ground in the middle of our taxi for departure. In that instance, I was able to call tower and receive a taxi clearance back to the hangar without turning the plane off or wasting any time. I’d gladly pay the difference in cost for the convenience and added safety of a Bluetooth capable headset.

Difference is only $100 for Bluetooth and nonbluetooth… Bluetooth all the way! :wink:


This topic has been discussed many times on the forum. I’m a huge fan of the Bose (and actually just got replacement ear cushions for 17yo Aviation X).

Peter gave you a few reasons or situations when the bluetooth could be handy. My problem is the temptation to use it inappropriately, find yourself flying with an old crusty like me and end up having a really bad day at work.

Your money, your call but you’ve been warned and I’m not the only grouchy Capt around.


Hi Adam,

I have seen the other posts regarding the use of bluetooth inappropriately and I assure I am not the type of person that would do so.
I did find lots of posts about different headsets, and specifically the Bose A20s, but I did not see anything regarding using the audible warnings from Foreflight, but Joshua answered that question. Peter and Joshua both brought good points that I had not thought about as well, but I think I will use my 13.4s to start and go from there.

Thank you to everyone for the responses. The help is greatly appreciated.