Height requirements in 2018

Hello, i was just wondering if the height requirements have changed over the years for commercial pilots or just any pilot in general? if it did, what is it? Apart from my height (5’1) and wearing glasses for proper vision, educational requirements, etc seems pretty attainable. I just hope i can reach the required height/health requirements considering that i am only 16 years old.

Height requirements haven’t changed and at 5’1" you’re fine as long as you can reach the flight controls comfortable.


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oh thats good to hear!!! :smiley: however, i searched online as well and the minimum seems to be 164 cm. Could that mean i will have no chance?

I’d imagine being only 16 you will grow enough (if that 164 centimeters is indeed a minimum requirement) hopefully! I was super short (like 4’ 11”) until around the same time as you, then I shot up to 5’ 5” or so in one year. I’m currently 5’ 7”!

How tall are your parents? For reference, my mom is 4’ 10” and my dad is 5’ 5.5”