Height and Weight Requirements for Women

Hi, I’m Samantha. I just turned 21. I’m at my fourth year in college. After graduation, I want to train at an aviation school and become a pilot. What are the minimum height and weight requirements to become a pilot?

One prospective aviation academy informed me that they have no height requirements, but that I should check the height requirements of other airlines because they vary. I’m only 4’10" and I weigh around 70 kg and I’m afraid I do not meet the 5’4" height requirement of one major airline in my country.

Even if I’m able to get a pilot’s license, will I encounter problems when applying for jobs because of my height and weight? I hope you can help me with my concerns. Thank you.


If your country has height and weight restrictions, then you will be subject to those restrictions. I recommend contacting your country’s version of the FAA and asking them. In the US we have no such thing.


I’m relatively new to this forum, and I hope this is not a stupid question, but i always wanted to be a pilot and im around 154 cm so my question here is what’s the minimum hight requirement to become an airline pilot ??? I live in Italy and I may move to France soon and I don’t know what are the rules please answer :weary:


Please read the answer IMMEDIATELY ABOVE as it answers your question perfectly.