Hello again

Hello again, hope you’re all doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s been a while since I’ve last been here…I recently got a job and am basically gaining experience while I work out what my next step is in life.

Been thinking long and hard about my future career choice…whilst I would have loved to become an Airline Pilot, I feel as if another career area in travel is calling me so to speak.
But that’s not to say I’ve turned my back on aviation…far from it. There’s something special about flying on an airplane and my absolute favorite time to fly is when the sun is rising.
I have nothing but admiration for you guys up front and if I could offer any advice to any inspiring Airline Pilot it would be: “What does flying mean to you?”

I plan to stick around here that is if you like me to, of course, and I wanna take the time to thank you all for answering my many queries over the last few years. They’ve been very helpful and I’ve no doubt that they’ll be helpful to the ones thinking about becoming an Airline Pilot as well.

Sincerely, and in gratitude :handshake:
Darren :saluting_face:
P.S: Wishing you all clear skies and smooth travels.


You are of course welcome to hang out here as long as you like.

So what is the new career choice?



I have to say, when I saw the title, I started thinking of the song Hello, by Adele.

I’m going to guess your career choice is something airport related, which involves travel. Unless otherwise you decided to follow suit with the train passenger idea from your previous thread?



Happy to see you participating in the forum all these years even if it didn’t lead you in the path of an airline pilot. Finding the right career path for you and what’s best for your situation is most important! Now were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what it is you’ve decided on… :slight_smile: