Help. ..Study Guides/ Book Recommendations?

So I’m a little backwards…I study for exams before I ever do anything. Makes it easier to understand when I’m trying to learn things. Helps with retention too…(odd I know)
Has anyone used the 2019 private pilot test prep book? Or would you have any suggestions on what information would be useful to study? Suggestions??!


I appreciate your desire to study first but flying is very different from many fields of study. Particularly because there are physical aspects, coordination and spatial sensations involved. While you can if course read up the reality it’s many things will be out of context.

That all said the FAA has an excellent library available online for free and I’d recommend you start there.



Thanks for some direction Adam. I think I’ve prepped for the physical aspect fairly well. (Let’s say hopefully) Been sort of blessed with coordination and fine detail. As far as my sense of surroundings… I’d rate myself at a 7 maybe an 8. That’s just currently though…(flown side just a couple times) been years though…
I guess I’m more or less concerned about wanting to know what exactly to prepare for. On the surface it looks like I’m just this middle aged mom, who seems bored.

  • My go to has always been study first then maintain.
    Do you think I need to adjust my thought process or how did you manage to retain everything? Studying or hands on?


To each their own. If you have a system that works stick with it. For me, I used flash cards for retention.

Learning how to become a professional pilot involves a combination of hands on experience and book work. I may even go as far to say it also requires raw talent because some people just aren’t cut out for it.

Adam provided you a link to all of the FAAs publications in digital format. That should keep you busy. The Test Prep Books are okay. Memorizing the answers is one thing. Taking your rote level of knowledge to the correlative level will require actual training from a CFI.

If you’re really serious about learning how to fly, you should be obtaining a medical certificate. If you want to fly for an airline someday, you’ll need a 1st class medical. Local AMEs can provide this service. The FAA’s website has a search tool to find them.




With all due respect, I don’t know how you could possibly say that you have prepped for the physical aspect of flying well. 1) there really is no way to prep for this 2) flying an airplane is not the same as having good coordination. Furthermore, your sense of surroundings is in no way the same as flying an airplane, dealing with spatial disorientation, and not being able to stop and think about it. I am not trying to diminish your abilities, but as of yet they are completely untested in an aviation environment.



Chris…you are right…and I see your point I should have phrased that differently. Thank you Troy and Adam for the direction.

Thank you for this link!!! I tried looking on the FAA website for something like this, but I ended up swimming in the legal manuals!


This is another good one: Airplane Flying Handbook


James- that’s what I was doing.

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