Hiring Base

When getting hired by an airline and determining a base do they try to work with your preferences or is it all up to them. I know as you build seniority you can bid for bases you desire but what about as soon as getting hired.

Because I live in the SouthEast and if I get based in something like Los Angeles that would be a absolute nightmare haha. But I am totally cool with being based around the east side of the USA as long as it’s not on the other side of the country. (i’m from tennessee)

Just wondering Thank you pilots!!


When you start at an airline, they will offer the bases they have available at the time to your new hire class and you will bid on them based on your in class seniority, which is usually determined by age. So in short, no, they will not work directly with you on the bases and you will need to bid it.

If your desire is to stay on the east coast, I would recommend applying to airlines that have bases mostly on the east cost, like PSA.



As Chris said you will be offered options where THEY need you (which is why they hired you). That’s why it’s incumbent on you to do your research (at the time you’re applying) and see who’s got bases where and even how senior those bases are.



The airline will have a list of available bases along with available aircraft to select from at each base. The airline doesn’t work with each individual’s preferences. You just know what your preferences are and you just hope that when it’s your turn to select your aircraft and base, what you want is still available. If not, you have to pick something. So, you should have an idea of what you would prefer.

Once your aircraft and base has been assigned to you, you are stuck with that until vacancies become available at your preferred base and you have the seniority to be awarded it.