How hard is it to obtain an FAA First Medical?

I was diagnosed with ADHD during my adolesnce years, and went on adderal medication for six years and been off it since 2011. I had no problems in high school and graduated with a 3.5. I am enlisting into the Army and have a current 3.5 GPA in college if that would help prove I don’t have ADHD. Is it still possible to obtain a first class medical to fly for the airlines? The FAA website says it requires their digression. Would it help to say if I have already obtained a third class medical?


You will need to speak to an FAA Medical Examiner to get an answer to your question. I would recommend that you schedule an appointment for a First Class medical and go over your situation with them. You can always ask to talk to them on the phone before you formally begin the application.

I don’t believe that there is any advantage at all to getting a third class first, but again you should check with the FAA.



As Chris said it’s best to check with an AME as they’re the professionals. Getting a Third Class has nothing to do with a First Class. Each medical has it’s own set of requirements.