I-Pad vs. Microsoft Surface Pro

I came across a Youtube video about a ExpressJet Pilot who uses the Microsoft Surface tablet, just like smart phones i’m assuming I-Pads and Microsoft Surfaces do the same stuff with very small differences.

A couple of questions:

At ATP, are they insistent in their students ‘only’ using the Apple I-Pad, or would they be okay with you using a Microsoft Surface Pro?

Are the regional/major airlines flexible on the type of device used by their pilots?


ATP uses Foreflight for training, which is only compatible with the iPad. That is why the iPad, specifically, is required.

Afterwards, at the airlines, you will receive a company issued EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) when you start ground school. Some companies use the iPad, and some use the Surface. I personally use the Surface Pro 3 here at SkyWest, and I don’t even want to get started on it…


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At United we use company issued iPads. We do almost everything on it, from flight planning, viewing our charts and manuals, and even to our annual training on it. It is really a nice product that makes our work lives much easier.


I hate it with a passion… It’s just not…good… :slight_smile:

But then again I’m an Apple freak so I’m biased.