Information About EAA Young Eagles

Hello everyone!

I am a student pilot and new to the EAA Young Eagles Program. I am training to become an airline pilot.

I did my first flight with EAA a few months back, but I don’t really know how the system works.

If anyone could give me some insight on how it works, that would be helpful.

Some questions I have:

  • How do you learn how to fly? Do you go to classes or do you learn as you fly with a certified pilot?
  • How do you book flights/classes with them?

These are not the only questions I have. I have questions on the whole system of EAA, so if anyone can tell me all there is about being an EAA student, I would greatly appreciate it.



For questions regarding becoming a pilot I recommend you reference our FAQ section. As for the EAA I suggest you visit the EAAs website and contact them.


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I am new to this forum, so how do I find the FAQ section?

By having a desire to gain knowledge.