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2 quick questions, ATP recommends the Cell data enabled model of the Ipad for the GPS feature but the new Ipad Pro 9.7 has GPS integrated in its WIFI model. Could I buy this model and if yes what size could I choose? 128 is recommended but could less be ok too? say 64gb?

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AGAIN from the ATP website:

ATP requires students to have an iPad with iOS 9.2 or later with WiFi + Cellular.

Cellular is required because it provides the GPS receiver for ForeFlight and improves situational awareness. You do not have to activate a cellular data plan to use the GPS.

ATP recommends the medium-sized iPads (9.7” iPad Pro or iPad Air 2) which balance ease of studying with a practical size for use in the airplane. Pick whichever model you like best. If you already have an older model iPad, it will work fine provided it meets the minimum requirements of iOS 9.2 and WiFi + Cellular.

There is no spec as far as GB size. As for the no cell I’d call and ask ATP directly.


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Angel, Adam is correct that ATP does not spec what GB size to purchase , however ForeFlight gives there recommendations , and you will need Foreflight while at ATP. link provided below. They recommend 128GB model. As far as the cellular service, my guess would be so while on cross country flights at other locations, if wifi is not available you can download and update information on the go without interruption.

Thanks, I sought and bought the Air 2 128gb LTE model.

Just in case others are reading, the new iPad Pro wifi only model does NOT contain a GPS chip. That’s why the cellular model is suggested. No need to have the cellular plan, the GPS will work regardless.

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Thanks for posting that information!


True my mistake

You might even be able to get a bluetooth GPS receiver that you can pair with the iPad as well, but I’m not sure it ATP schools would permit this.

^^ This is permitted.