Is an Associates Degree good enough for the majors?

Hello! My goal for my life is to become a Commercial pilot for a major airline. I understand that it will take both time and funds, and the funds are not something I’m extremely worried about as I know that pilots earn enough money to make up for the high price in flight school costs. As said by Chris in the FAQ most, if not all Major airlines, are going to only hire people who have a college degree. My question is that if my goal is to become a pilot, and an associates degree is going to take less time for me to accomplish, would an associates degree be enough to get into most major airlines or do I need to go for the four-year bachelor’s degree in a field I’m not hoping to have a long career in?

An associates degree is not really considered a degree in any professional field. The major airlines will want to see a four year degree, the major does not matter.


On every Major airline application they ask the question “do you have a 4 Year Degree?”. There’s only 2 answers and I have a 2yr degree isn’t one of them. The Majors desire and give preference to those with a 4yr degree.