Is Tuition Reimbursement Common?

I am currently enrolled in university, but I have been having serious second thoughts about my decision to go to college. I was able to go to college because of tuition reimbursement from a parent who works at my school. Without it, I don’t think that schooling would have been an option for me.

I would love to peruse a career as a pilot, but I am extremely scared of the financial risk. The main question would be how often are students find a job with tuition reimbursement? Is it something that I can count on being there, or is there to much risk involved for someone in my position?


To be honest when it comes to aviation there’s not much you can count on.

Tuition Reimbursement is available from some Regional airlines if you sign an agreement to fly for them after you’re done with training while building time flight instructing. It’s a great perk with a few caveats:

First you need to do well in training. If you don’t you won’t get offers. No offers no Tuition Reimbursement (TR).

Second you have to accept an instructor position with ATP which may or may not be at your home airport. If you’re not willing to relocate and there are no nearby slots available again no TR.

While many of the airlines are currently offering TR that’s TODAY. TR is actually a relatively new concept in aviation and things in this industry can and do change. If the shortage slows there’s a chance TR could disappear.

Even if all goes well understand TR only pays about $15k of the $100k training costs. Once you’re actually hired there may be other bonuses that will cover the rest but again there may not be.

Bottomline is while it’s a great perk, I certainly wouldn’t count on it.


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