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Just got 2 tickets

Simple story. Was mad so I was speeding now I have a ticket for that and a ticket for not carrying insurence. Will this affect my chances of getting into an airline


Yes and no. From the title of your thread it seems like you just received the tickets, so it is fresh and shows a current disregard for the law. The speeding is one thing, not having insurance is a whole different issue and is a willful, planned out violation. The airlines will see it this way and it could hurt your chances. However, you have at least two years, maybe more, before you apply to the airlines, so you have time to demonstrate a clean record and that you have learned from your mistakes. My advice is to continue on your training path, but be very careful and don’t have any more run ins with the law.

On another note, the FAA is even more strict than the police. They have zero tolerance and will not look at “I was mad” as an excuse for violating FARs, I would strongly encourage you to work on how you handle your stress, it can’t be allowed to carry over into the cockpit.


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I understand that id never be as dumb as to pull any kind of a stunt in the cockpit. Also I’m 17, I wont apply until I’m about 25 or 26 so thats 8 or 9 years down the road.

I am not trying to be your parent here, but pulling that stunt in a car is just as foolish as pulling it in an airplane, with can have legal and tragic consequences.

I would say that you have time on your side. Keep your record clean and don’t worry about it too much.



Simple answer to your question. If you make sure this is the last time you’ll be fine. If this is the start of a pattern then you should think about another career. “I was mad”? Sooooo is that your excuse? Because if this were an airline interview my obvious next question would be so we need to be concerned that if you get angry in the cockpit you might kill people? Next. You’re right you’ve got some time before you apply. In those 8-9yrs you could either distance yourself from this 1 event or create a bunch more. Entirely up to you?


Thank you guys for the help! Also I just realized what I said was out of context. I have insurance I just didn’t have my card with me.