Speeding Tickets

Hi, my name is Paul and completed ATPs program back in Jun and am now a CFI at their location in Houston. I have recently completed my airline application but am concerned that my driving record is crushing my dream to be an airline pilot. I have 7 speeding tickets on my record. Only two in the last 5 years. Do I have any chance of following my passion? Thanks

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Congrats Paul, ya got me beat!

Think I had 5 back in the day? So here’s the deal, as you’re aware the Regionals are desperate for bodies right now. While they will not be happy about your driving record (and you should expect to be grilled about it during an interview), I believe you’ll be ok, at least for now.

Here’s what I suggest, first you go online and bang out one of those VERY painful defensive driving courses the insurance companies offer. It will a) reduce your points and b) give you something to tell the Regional interviewer when asked. Next you will start driving like a responsible adult immediately. When you get to about 500hrs (should be soon) you’ll be eligible to interview for conditional employment with one of the Regionals. As I said they’ll ask you why you speed and you will explain (VERY humbly) about the foolishness of your youth and not understanding the responsibility (but now do) etc and I believe again you’ll be ok. HOWEVER, between the time they offer you a job and the time you build the 1500hrs you had best behave. You see there’s ALOT of fine print in those conditional offers and if you end up getting it pulled you won’t only not have a job, you’re going to have an even tougher time explaining why you lost the first one.

Continue to drive responsibly and by the time your ready to apply to a Major, while your record won’t be pristine, you can show how it’s been years since your last offense and have clearly learned the error of your ways.

OR, you can continue to speed and throw all your hard work, money and dreams in the trash. It’s in your hands sir.


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Good luck to you! I also have many speeding tickets about as many as you. I am also slightly worried. Keep is up to date!