Landing a job after finishing with atp

Hi, Im about to start next year but there’s always at the back of my mind about the big debt with sallie mae. Is it a guarantee that you will get a job after you finish with atp? If not, then how are you supposed to start paying that debt with sallie mae? Thanks


Short answer is no, there are no guarantees. Let me ask you a question? You just invested $85k to learn how to be a pilot, do you want your instructor to be someone who’s not very good at it or has a really bad attitude but was guaranteed a job? I wouldn’t. Flying isn’t brain surgery but the fact is not everyone can or should be a pilot. It requires a certain amount of intelligence and coordination which frankly not everyone possesses.

Now on the positive side the country is experiencing a historic pilot shortage so those who are successful, have good attitudes and clean backgrounds will have no problem getting a job (in fact you’ll probably have airlines fighting for you). But that comes after you demonstrate some ability. Until then (and even after) there are no guarantees.



I would point out that I am not aware of any professions that guarantee a job after training. Think about it, law school, med school, even basic training in the Army, none of it guarantees a job, you have to complete the training, do well and be an attractive candidate. This is true of any profession.

That being said, the airline industry is experiencing an unprecedented need for pilots. If you do well, you should not have any trouble being hired.