Leaving Air Force as aircraft mechanic with DUI

So I am about to be leaving the Air Force after 11 years as an aircraft maintenance technician. Flying has always been my dream, I’m 36 now, however I was stationed in the UK and received a dui in my record earlier this year. It doesn’t effect my stateside license but is on my record.
How badly would this affect my getting through school and being hired by an airline afterwards?
I have nothing else in my record or even my driving record, just wondering if using my GI Bill for flight school is something this is possible to have a career or is it already a career ender?
Thank you for any help


The first question is will you be able to get a First Class Medical? The FAA doesn’t like DUIs, particularly recent ones. Provided you can get a medical AND you keep your nose clean you can probably get hired by a Regional. Beyond that may be questionable? The airlines also don’t like DUIs and yours in later in life so the whole “I was a stupid kid” arguement goes out the window.

Could be a problem.



If that is truly the only thing in your record, you will probably be able to be hired by a regional airline (no guarantees of course). The majors might be a different story. This is a pretty blatant, late in life DUI. I suspect that you will need some serious time to pass before a major would give you an interview.


Thank you both for taking time to reply, once I’m back in the states I may look into the medical exam and go from there.

I would also contact the recruiting departments of several regional airlines and ask them directly.