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Leftover Loan Balance

How long should I usually expect to receive the leftover Sallie Mae loan balance? I am starting at ATP soon and just trying to get a estimate on when I should receive that balance so I can order equipment such as Headset and IPad. And also what form of payment should I expect to receive it in? Debit card? Check?
Thank You!


You should have received information regarding a Bank Mobile Vibe Debit Card (this is where the additional funds will be disbursed.)

The extra funds that you took out in the loan for training materials are typically not available until the end of your first week of training. That being said, students purchase the training materials out of pocket and use the loan as reimbursement to themselves after they’ve started training. If you took out funds for examiner fees, those will be available on the Bank Mobile Vibe Debit Card 5-7 days before a checkride, and housing/living expenses are disbursed to you monthly (if you included them into the loan.)

Please contact our finance department at 904-595-7946 if you have any additional questions in regards to this.

Hope this helps!