Living Situation in Regionals

May be a dumb question…I’m exploring ATP’s program and am new to the world of flying. When you begin flying a regional job, to what degree do you select where you live? Do you have to be near the regional airport, or near a major hub like Atlanta, etc…? Can you jumpseat to your hub like you can for major airlines?

Ben Jackson
Columbia, SC

Hi Ben,

Not a dumb question at all. The answer is the airline doesn’t care a lick where you live. One of the great things about being a pilot is you could literally live ANYWHERE. I’ve known pilots who commute from Europe, Asia and Australia. There is of course a caveat. You have to get to work on time, well rested and ready for duty (aka Fit to Fly). You can jumpseat, drive, swim, cycle or ride your pony. Whatever works but again getting to work is on you. If you’re commuting from the West Coast to the East Coast and the flight is full and the jumpseat is already taken that’s YOUR problem. Weather getting bad? That may mean you’ll have to fly in a day or 2 early. Flight cancels? You may have to 2, 3, or 4 leg it. Whatever it takes. Remember where you live is your choice which is great but then don’t complain about where you chose :slight_smile: