Loan Declined

Hey there again. First i wanna thank everyone who answered my previous question. I took a action and applied for the Loan and 2 times with two different loan provider by Atp and i got declined. I have my green card and been living in the states almost 5 years now and i have a good credit score but my credit history is just 2 years because i started to use credit card after Covid started and they said it affected their decision about my loan application and only thing that i can do is that find co-signer but i do not have anyone living here in the state. I am here by myself no family. So i do not know what to do at this point. Do you guys have any idea about what i can do ? thank you all


Unfortunately, as these loans are for large amounts and are unsecured your credit needs to be better than just good. We always recommend you contact ATPs finance dept as they’re the experts but it may simply be a matter of waiting, saving and building your credit.



Kirk in the finance department would be your best point of contact. To reiterate what Adam said, it can be very difficult to be approved for the loan on your own. Most students require co-signers. If that isn’t an option for you maybe this could be:

When you work for ATP for 18 months in select positions (training support being one of them), you can qualify for guaranteed, 2% fixed interest rate financing with no co-signer required. This would allow you to become an ATP student and enroll in the Airline Career Pilot Program after the 18-month commitment. When you apply for the position, let them know that you’re interested in the career path.


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