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How did you guys pay for your training? Did you take out loans? If so how much in a ballpark percentage? Did you have a cosigner, and how hard was it to get a loan? I know there are a few questions in this post, but I appreciate your time and the mentorship that you provide.

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I took out a loan through ATP. That was 13 yrs ago so I really don’t recall the interest rate? Also I was pretty well established with excellent credit at the time since {this was a second career), so I didn’t need a cosigner and it was very easy. I recommend you give ATP a call. They have financial people who can walk you through the whole process and give you a better idea about requirements and current rates.



I took out a loan for the full amount, plus $2,000 to cover check ride fees. I got the loan through ATP, but from an independent lender. Because I was fresh out of college I had not yet established any credit. Because of my lack of credit I had to have my mother cosign my loan. With the help of a cosigner with excellent credit it was very easy to get the loan.

For more information on applying for loans through ATP visit here:


@adam if you don’t mind me asking. When you said you were well established what did your credit look like around that time? (How long you had credit? Approximate Score?, which Bank did you use?) If you don’t want to provide this information I completely understand. I’m just trying to get a ball park on what I need to do or be at before applying for financing. As myself been averaging credit for a little under 5 years and currently around a 700 and paying off some credit cards to go a little higher.

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As I’ve said, aviation was a second (or actually 4th) career for me. At the time I started my training I was the owner of a fairly successful restaurant and my credit score was excellent (or at least that’s what they told me?). As for what the score actually was I couldn’t tell you for certain. This was over 10 yrs ago before you could just go online and check your score so? I had credit for decades and was always mindful of maintaining a healthy score since career #2 was working at a bank.


Big question regarding lending, as I am sure it has been answered here before. The cost of the program, does that include cost of living expenses or is that something that isn’t included. As most people would have to re-locate in order to go through the program, and working while in the program really isn’t an option, it would seem cost of living would be calculated into the cost of the program and the loans available. Is cost of living included in the loan? Thanks


The cost of the program does not include living expenses. Housing is available at many of the locations, check out for more details on that. Many students take out loan amounts that are greater than the tuition to help cover living expenses, I recommend speaking to the admissions counselors as they can give you the best info on that.


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Do you think ATP can split the training into two loans? Maybe get a certain amount from Wells and the other amount from Sallie? I was thinking by asking for smaller amounts from both lenders maybe that can increase the chances of getting approved without a cosigner.


You’d really have to ask the financial folks at ATP so I recommend you give them a call. That said from what I do know you’d be asking one lender to take a second position which most lenders don’t enjoy doing BUT again I’m no expert and recommend you consult those in the know.