Location, location, location :)

Prospective students always ask “which location is best?” and often say they want to stay South (Florida, Texas and Arizona) due to the harsh weather in the North. Just a little reminder that “harsh” weather can strike ANYWHERE :slight_smile:

AA flight yesterday (6/3/18) from SAT-PHX, ran into some hail, YIKES!

I know a shop that with bit of bondo, spray paint and windex can make it look brand new.

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That will buff out


Sergey and Don,

You see while both of you offered reasonably sound solutions, you both have demonstrated the fact that neither of you are airline pilots (yet). The correct airline industry response is “it just needs some “speed tape”(aka duct tape), ops check good”. Friggin’ newbies! :wink:



:joy::joy::joy: All jokes aside I was hanging out with a handful of airport bums a couples of weeks ago. One of them was stationed in Germany and witnessed a Ukrainian Tu-154 come in with a fist sized hole on the leading edge of the wing. The pilots used duct tape to cover it up and left. So, there is some truth to that suggestion…


Sergey you’re not paying attention (this is a teaching moment). In aviation there is no duct tape, ONLY FAA APROVED SPEED TAPE! It’s basically the same stuff except it’s $300 a roll instead of $3 :slight_smile:

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Yeah… And then we are surprised why people are afraid of flying :joy:

Roger, Captain. I have learned something today. I should have been paying attention! I still have about 2 years of schooling and experience before I learn to manipulate the gear handle when I hear “Positive rate, gear up” and sit back on my hands while the captain is flying :joy::joy::joy: