Looking for students' and opinions on what people think about this program

Hey all. I posted in another thread about how I was approved for a loan to attend ATP.

I posted a thread on reddit simply asking whether I would be guaranteed a job with an airline after I attend ATP.

I would appreciate if students and alumni would be able to chime in here as to your experiences and also if what is being stated in this post is true.

I appreciate your time. The link to the post is above.

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First, this forum was created to help aspiring pilots in their quest. Reddit is open to the public, no one is screened and I have no way of knowing who says what or why so I’m not going to respond to that part of your post.

As for you question the answer is 100% no, you’re not guaranteed anything after you attend ATP. The same way you’re not guaranteed a job after you go to law school, medical school etc. Dave I don’t know you, your level of intelligence, your level of coordination and most important your work ethic. Frankly speaking you could end up being a lousy pilot. The fact is that not everyone can or should be a pilot and not everyone is successful. If that turns out to be the case and you bust more than a few checkrides you will have a very tough time finding work. Further, in the current environment if Omicron mates with Megatron and creates Corona Prime, the mother of all variants all bets are off.

But, here’s the good news. We hopefully will get a grip on the pandemic and the airlines (particularly cargo) are recovering nicely. Second while not everyone can be a pilot, if you’re willing to work harder than you ever have your chances are very good you’ll do well. Finally the country (even with the pandemic) is experiencing the worst pilot shortage in history, so in all likelihood, do well, build your time (have a clean record) and you’ll have company’s fighting over you.

This is literally the best time to get into this industry however if you’re looking for guarantees you’ll need to look elsewhere.




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The comments from people on Reddit are heavily biased. It all sounds like nonsense to me. When people fail, they often find blame in anything or anyone but themselves.




I tried reading some of the Reddit post, I find their website difficult to read. But to answer your question, no, you will not be guaranteed an airline job. I cannot think of a single profession, from surgeon to truck driver, to policeman that guarantees somebody a job. Your ability to get hired at an airline will depend on your experience, how well you interview, and your qualifications. This is true of any profession.

Please check out the “Student Experiences” section. Those are real, uncensored review from current and former students. I think you will find that section helpful.