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Not to me. The thought of a pilot who a mere 4mos earlier could have been flight instructing in a piston and is now PIC of a jet traveling at .80 mach with 50+ passengers sitting behind them is frightening. I can tell you at 4mos I was no where near up to the task and I consider myself a pretty solid pilot. While this may sound wonderful to everyone who wants to advance ASAP I assure you there’s more to the job then just changing 3 bars for 4.


I agree! I was telling some people today about that same thought. lol

I’m wondering if you can expand on your comment about not being up to the task at 4mos. What aspect(s) of the captain position would you not have felt ready for? Is it an issue of feeling confidence/competence in flying skills, the decision-making components of being a captain, other captain duties or something else altogether? I appreciate that everyone is different so you can only speak for your own experience.


In the article it mentions the pilot had the required part 121 time. I’m assuming this is a pilot that came from some other flying other than flight instructing before upgrading after 4 months. Kind of the same concept as street captains?

Tucker required Part 121 time can simply means 1500hrs. and a full ATP that’s all.

Robert I was 100% referring to decision making. The actual operation of the airplane is no big thing and I’m sure these pilots are technically proficient BUT a huge part of the decision making process comes from experience. Flying 4 mos is the equivalent of 1 season. Have they ever deiced and airplane? Dealt with Gulf state thunderstorms, cleared for the approach and the missed approach path is completely shutdown? Have they been at cruise and the forecast winds are 100kts higher? Ever diverted? Flown with a new FO who let’s go of the controls at 100’? Mx telling you that pressuration, engine, flight control issue is OK? In the hold, reach diversion fuel and ATC swears if you just give them 1 more turn they’ll let you in? Pax arguing with your FA? FAs arguing with eachother? I’m not saying it can’t be done but all those examples are much better handled with some familiarity and experience under your belt. There’s a reason why new pilots are given a 1 year probation period and required to get reports from the Capts they’ve flown with.

Legal? Sure but again I’m not a fan.


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I am going to have to agree with Adam on this one. Experience is worth its weight in gold and the only way to get it is by time spent in the air.


Thanks for that insight–very informative.