Military Reserves During ATP

Hello all! Currently 3.5 years into my 5 year commitment with the NAVY looking into the 6 month PPL to ATP Program. When I transition out of the navy, my intentions are to commission into the reserves while I’m both a student and instructing with ATP. Has anybody done this, and can you please share your experiences? Specifically, I’d like to know if you felt you were unable to accommodate your students when you were a CFI due to your monthly commitments.

Also, do you know anyone currently flying for airlines while in the military reserves? Are they frowned upon or have issues getting deployed and trying to come back to work for the airline? I’m trying to figure out the best course of action for my family regarding healthcare, and just living expenses for the time while going through the student portion of training. We have plenty of time to save some money at least! Thank you for any responses!


I’m not sure exactly how ATP works with Reserve and recommend you contact ATP’s admin but I’m thinking something can be worked out?

As for the airlines, that I can help you out with. I fly for Hawaiian and a good portion of our pilots are current Reserves and the company accommodates them very well and as far as I know all US carriers have similar provisions. The only caveat I have is there have been Reserve pilots who get hired and then volunteer the first year or two to avoid a lousy schedule and pay. While the airline again will have no issue with you, don’t be surprised if your the pilots who were there WITH the lousy pay and schedule aren’t that warm and fuzzy.



Just be aware that sometimes the reserves are actually used and that could impact your training or time building.

You will be able to work a reserve schedule with the airlines really well. The airlines are required by law to work with you. But like Adam said, don’t abuse the Reserves system to get holidays off, avoid lousy schedules, etc. That is not a way to build friends at an airline.


Thank you for the feedback! I can see why if folks volunteered to deploy or go active the first year or two to get out of a lousy schedule it would reflect poorly on them. I’ll contact ATP admin and see if they have anything in place for reservists. Thank you all! Much appreciated!

Good afternoon Joshua,

I am in a similar situation and did contact the admin dept, who passed they would work with a Reservists’ weekend schedule when it took place. With being a year and a half out, I’m guessing you’d be able to save up a good amount of leave to “cover” 2-3 months while you are in training (ie still getting paid and affiliated with the AD component). In the Coast Guard, we are able to work with our reserve units to amend drill schedules to accommodate members’ full-time employment, the Navy may have similar processes in place (but here is a plug for the CG reserves!). Also, if you hadn’t seen it yet, another great benefit for AD members leaving the service is TAMP, which in short is a 180-day continuation of healthcare from the day you separate at no cost.

Best, Erik

Reservist here - yes it can be done, but you need to be transparent with your unit and ATP. As a student, work with admin and your instructor to schedule around normal drill. Once you’re an instructor, communicate your absences with admin and have a plan for your students while you’re gone.

Obviously you won’t want to do anything more than normal UTA/IDT and your annual tour (like a deployment or long stint on orders), especially when you’re a student.