Military transition

Greetings everybody!

I am currently active duty Airforce looking to separate and pursue a career as a commercial pilot through ATP. I will be coming to ATP already having my privot pilots license that I’m currently working on getting through my base. Im curious if there’s any veterans in this group that made the transition and have any advice on the transition. Big topics I’m looking to get feedback on is the large cut in salary during school and a starting instructor and if ATP offers housing while you’re an instructor as well. Lastly, what’s the minimal hours you need before you can start interviewing for a regional airline?

Thank you in advance for any feedback, I’m excited for what the future holds!


While I’m not military, i can tell you many people (military and otherwise) wrestle with taking a big pay cut to pursue a career in aviation. I gave up a successful restaurant business to do it. Obviously it’s not easy and requires some sacrifice and support from your family but it’s definitely been worth.

ATP does not offer housing for its instructors.

One of the perks of training with ATP is their airlines relationships. While you can’t fly for a Regional until you have the required 1500hrs, most will interview you and offer conditional employment with as little as 500.



500 hours as an ATP CFI is the minimum to interview with the exception of the United Aviate program which allows you to interview with just a private pilot license.