Minimum experience

Can I be hired by a major airline as a pilot without a degree but higher than average amounts of flying experience? Thank you guys in a advance.

Generally speaking, no. The major airlines almost all require four year degrees.

But what if the person has two year degree and higher than average amounts of flying experience?what are the percentages of getting the majors ?

A two year degree is not actually a degree in the real sense of the word. Increased flight time will not matter. The major airlines want to see a four year degree, end of story.



I participated in the hiring at my last airline. When an applicant asked a question I would often throw it back to them so here goes: “Aweys, I have 500 applicants here with 4yr degrees and the same flight time as you (some with more) so why should I hire you over them? These other applicants have demonstrated the value they place on education and also demonstrated their ability to go out and obtain a degree (which everybody knows we at the Majors prefer). Did you feel it wasn’t worth increasing you chances of getting hired by simply being competitive with the other applicants? What is it you have to offer us here at XYZ Airlines that we should overlook this blaring deficiency?”.

While the above might sound harsh interviews sometimes can be but more important the above is a valid question. I do know a few pilots who don’t have degrees but everyone of them had something else on their resume to compensate (20 yr military experience for example). Simply having more hours in your logbook won’t do it. Soooo, whatcha got?


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