More Good News for the Future!

While I understand many of you are apprehensive AND of course there are no guarantees. BUT, things are without question better than they’ve ever been. For example :


All I can say is WOW! Thank sir for that outstanding information.

CommutAir has the same program, and they participate in Tuition Reimbursement.

Yes Danielle but CommutAir (while I fine airline) flies planes with those weird big spinny and ExpressJet has cool ram horn yolks! What can I say, I’m loyal to my alma mater :slight_smile:


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Actually, CommitAir is now flying a good chunk of XJT’s former jets. They are supposed to be an all jet fleet sometime next year.

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Wow! Things have really changed. Still partial to Xjt.


This is more of a question for @Chris. Do you know what the new hires at United are being assigned too aircraft wise?

Most of the new hires are being assigned to the 737 or the A320, but a few have gotten the 757.

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@Chris, does the 757-200/300 have the same routes as the 737 and the a320?


Yes and no. The 757 does fly some domestic routes, but it also flies to Europe and Hawaii.

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Ah, I see

@Chris, as far as the 737, do you fly the 700,800, 900, or all? I mean, it’s the same rating, right?


At United the 737 pilots fly the 700, 800 and 900. Just like the 757 pilots fly the 200 and the 300. The rating is specific to the aircraft type, not the variant of the type.


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