More Pilot Shortage Fun!

My phone rang at 4am this morning (waking me from my pleasant dreams). It was from an Aviation Recruiting company looking for EMB145 Capts to fly overseas. I told him thank you but I’m fat, dumb and happy in my current position. He responded they were offering “considerable compensation for this contract” and I could probably “name my price”. Again I said thank you but I’m good, I then asked where they got my number? He said I had inquired about contract flying back in Feb 2007 and they were “reviewing their old records as they simply cannot fill positions”.

That was over 10 years ago! Crazy!




That’s insane! Maybe back then, but not now huh, Captin? ;D


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That is crazy, it shows you how in demand pilots are right now.

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As a pilot mentor, do you recommend going to a private training school, airline training program or a degree program. I am looking to do this cost efficiently given that I live in the NY area.


If you look at the top of this forum you can clearly see the ATP logo. I am an ATP graduate and former instructor and obviously a huge fan of ATP’s program. I tried training at my local flight school and that was frustrating and expensive. After a ton of research I concluded there was no better route to a career as a professional pilot than ATP so that’s where I did my training. I’m now a Capt at a Major airline and I honestly don’t believe I’d be where I am now without ATP. That all said I suggest you do your own research and see what’s best for you. I’m confident you’ll come to the same conclusion.