Most desired 4yr degree from majors?

I’ve heard multiple opinions of what specific 4yr degrees the US major airlines prefer (along with ATP & required hrs that is) . Everything from a general “Engineering” to anything “Aviation” based - like aviation management. Can you please share your experience ?


The airlines view a 4yr degree as proof of dedication and commitment to accomplish a goal. They care little about the field of study and I’ve never seen or heard of any preference given to any. As long as it’s from a reputable institution it’s fine.



You’ve been misinformed. The majors accept any 4-year degree and are not partial to any one in particular. They care more about ratings, hours and overall likability.



The majors truly do not care what field of study your degree is in. I have a business degree. I have known pilots to have degrees in history, english, even piano composition. Of course there are some that have aviation degrees as well. In short, it really does not matter. Just get a four year degree from a reputable university and you should be fine.


Thank you both for your reply !