Moving violations


  1. Would two speeding violations significantly impact my chances of ever getting hired at regionals or major airlines?

  2. I have a 3.5 college gpa, aviation management masters and currently working on CPL

Thank you!


No but you really should rein it in. Airlines don’t like people who disregard the law. The Regionals are pretty desperate so that shouldn’t impact you at all but when it comes time to go to a Major if you continue to maintain a record of breaking the law you will have issues.


Thank for getting back Adam. I hope to have a clean record going forward. Only one conviction is on my driving record and second one I am trying to fight. Lets say it does go on record. First one is from 2016 and second is this year. Assuming I will be applying to regionals 2 years from now and then majors, should I be okay?



No, but slow down. There really is no excuse for speeding tickets. Having a repeat record shows an intentional disregard for the law, so don’t get any more.