Need Advice - Before paying for school

Hello everyone I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and will have a great 2020 ahead! I just turned 29, and I want to pursue training to be a pilot.

I have 3 tickets that were dismissed not convicted and want to know if I still have a chance of getting hired.

2002 - Grand Theft Auto - Dismissed
2010 - Speed Contest - reduced to speeding ticket 30 day license revokal - final out come case fully dismissed.
2016 - At Whole Foods Market selling alcohol to a minor- Case Fully Dismissed. ( i asked her if she was over 21 she said yes so this got the case to be fully dismissed)

My question is since I did not get convicted of all 3 and have court papers to prove it can I still get hired? I have 2 college degrees and 0 points on my driving record. Even though it got dismissed I take full responsibility for my actions and should not have been in this mess in the first place.

Thanks for your advice,

If I was in ypur shoes I would call the airline companies directly and ask them.

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Laurent beat me to it. Call some airlines. I’ll be honest, if it were up to me, I’d say not a chance because of your history and recency of last charge. It’s not up to me though.


Thank you guys how would I be able to find their numbers and to call them directly?

They dont care that I didnt get convicted though?


The airlines can see everything. They ask “have you ever…?” Don’t think that, “Yeah, but I was never convicted” will make your situation any better. That response will actually make things worse. It’s best to take responsibility and explain how you’re not that person anymore (as long as that’s true).

As far as how to contact the airlines. Google is a wonderful tool.


Yes ofcourse Tory on any job I have ever had small or big I always put it, I would never hide it because it will show up and no one likes a liar.

On google what would I search though? For example is it like JetBlue Human Resources? Or is there another name I should search for? Sorry new to this!

Each airline’s website should have Contact Us link. Start there. They may have a phone number to call or it may direct you to a place to send an email.


Thank you so much Tory I appreciated your fast response and professionalism!

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Good luck, Sam.


That is hard to say because all of these charges were dismissed. You might be okay, you might not. I would start by calling regional airlines and asking them, then move onto the majors.



The Regionals are desperate so you should be fine there. As for the Majors it could depend on who you get on your board. I know plenty of pilots who have a zero tolerance for bad behavior and the fact you weren’t convicted could simply mean daddy got you a good lawyer.

That all said the more distance you put between yourself and the offenses the better but know you’ve used up your strikes. The next one could definitely be a career killer.