Need answers regarding starting school

Do I have to have my degree prior to starting training or is it something I can accomplish while going to school/training?


A degree is only needed if you want to fly for a Major and as long as you earn it before you apply you’ll be fine. That said I don’t recommend you train while you’re in school. Both require a large commitment and you risk poor performance on either which could negatively impact your career.


Hi Lindsay! Welcome to the forum.

We recommend obtaining a four year degree before beginning flight training or online while at a regional. Finishing the degree beforehand is preferable. We’ve seen the most success with that.

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Welcome to the forum! Depending on your age, there is two different routes. If you’re young, absolutely get your degree first. It will not only help you handle the rigors of flight training but you’re really in no rush so getting that done first will help lighten your work load later. We only recommend getting the degree while at the regionals for those who had previous careers and getting in to flying later than others so they are playing catch up.
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You do not have to have a degree prior to starting, but you will not be able to obtain one while in training either. ATP’s program is very intense and you will need every possible minute for studying.

The good news is that many colleges give credit for flight training and you should have plenty of time while at the regionals to work on a degree. Check out this link: